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Welcome to the Mountainbikeskolan and Kafé Källtorp! Our farm is located in the middle of Hellas, just a short distance from the center of Stockholm. Mountainbikeskolan is a course center with a focus on cycling, gardening and good food. Here you will find an orangery with its orchards, a garden, a bike park and a garden café. With us you can rent mountain bikes and gravel bikes. We are happy to organize parties and corporate events. We look forward to your visit with us!

Mountainbikeskolan was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing excellent mountainbiking courses. At the time, we rented the neighboring farm Hellasgården, but had a dream of our own mountainbike center. In 2019 it became reality, we found our dream farm and so close, only 700 meters away, an oasis and a diamond in the rough.

Mountainbikeskolan not only offers mountainbike courses, but has become the natural stop for many people who like the “lovely vibe”, gardening and good food. Mountainbikeskolan is located in the middle of the amazing natural area known to many as Hellas, famous for its rocks, lakes and beautiful scenery. Mountainbikeskolan is just a block away from Stockholm’s subway station, Slussen.

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Get to know our instructors who run our mountainbike courses and guided tours. Often our coaches have a form of cycling that they are interested in, such as trail cycling or downhill cycling. The coaches are of all ages. We have great youth coaches who playfully teach mountainbiking to children and young people and we have experienced coaches who work on the most advanced courses. All instructors at Mountainbikeskolan have completed the Mountainbikeskolan’s instructor training.


Magnus Tillström

Magnus was active in motorcross in his youth. He has taken his talent further and is now one of the Mountainbikeskolan’s most qualified and experienced mountainbike coaches. Magnus co-founded Mountainbikeskolan in 2014.

  • Senior coach with 10 years of experience as a mountainbike instructor.
  • Specializes in trail cycling.
  • Riding a Trek Supercaliber 9.9.
  • PMBIA certified mountainbike instructor level 1 & 2 USA, Utah 2019.


Torbjörn Olsson

Tobbe is a coach through and through and has been involved in sports all his life, previously climbing, as a gym teacher and now MTB. Tobbe is as agile as a 20-year-old and there are few things he can’t do on his mountainbike.

  • Senior coach in sports, Mountainbike instructor since 2019.
  • Instructor in both trail cycling, jumping and downhill cycling.
  • Riding a Trek Top Fuel 9.8 and a Fuel Ex 8 gen. 6.


Frida Åström

Frida herself has attended many of the Mountainbikeskolan’s courses and now cycles superbly and with excellent technique. Frida was recruited in 2022 by Mountainbikeskolan and has since then led most of Mountainbikeskolan’s girls and basic courses. Frida knows Hellas like the back of her hand and is confident both as a coach and as a person.

  • Mountainbike coach since 2022, basic courses, private and children.
  • Likes trail cycling and downhill cycling whenever possible.
  • Riding a Trek Fuel Ex 8.7 gen. 5.


Niklas Westblad

Niklas, king of Enduro, downhill cycling. There are few who can keep up with Niklas when he sets his beautiful lines in the Hellas forests. Former professional bandy player on ice. Has hundreds of credits in sport and exercise physiology. Niklas is responsible for the Mountainbikeskolan’s instructor training and course structure.

  • Niklas started as a coach in 2020 at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Specialty downhill cycling.
  • Riding an upgraded Trek Fuel Ex 9.8 gen. 6.


Kristian Hartman

Kristian is perhaps our most experienced cyclist. He also lives next door and knows every path and probably has the most “KOMs” of anyone in Hellas. Kristian has been with us since the start of the “new era” in 2019, when we established ourselves in Hellas. Kristian is an initiator of downhill cycling courses. Kristian has previously worked as a mountainbike guide in Åre.

  • Coach since 2019 at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Trail and downhill cycling, Enduro.
  • Rides on Trek Top Fuel 9.8 and Slash 8.


Zackarias Ullberg

One of the Mountainbikeskolan’s upcoming stars. An incredible talent in cycling. Has a background in BMX racing. Zacke is the one you send when you need to take a really accurate mountainbike picture or when you need to show something crazy difficult on the Enduro trails. Zackarias has attended the Mountainbikeskolan’s youth courses and is one of Magnus Tillström’s mentees. Works in the meadow at weekends.

  • Mountainbike coach, children and youth since 2021.
  • Specialist in downhill cycling and enduro.
  • Cycling on a Fuel Ex 9.7 gen. 6


Mari Roel

Mari is one of Greece’s most passionate mountainbikers. Mari has taken most of Mountainbikeskolan’s courses, and then trained as an instructor herself. Mari is a champion in many ways, one of them is her pleasant manner and another is her great cycling and coaching.

  • Mountainbike coach since 2022, Basic courses, children and youth.
  • Likes technical trail cycling, has been cycling since the 90s in Hellas.
  • Riding a Trek Fuel Ex 9.8 gen. 5.


Teo Perrin

Great guy with the right focus in life, skater, skier, dirt cyclist and runs Enduro like a god. Teo is one of the designers of Mountainbikeskolan’s bike park. He is also one of the highest and most beautiful jumpers in the park. With humor and the right technique, he confidently runs the Mountainbikeskolan’s youth courses. Everyone likes Teo!

  • Youth mountainbike coach since 2021.
  • Mostly like Dirt, jumps and bike park.
  • Riding a super-special steel enduro and a Pool Dirt bike.


Eddie Galmar

Eddie “grew up” at Mountainbikeskolan like his friend Zacke. Eddie is usually the one who can keep Magnus Tillström’s rear wheels on the trails of Hellas. As well as being a great mountainbiker, Eddie is responsible for the shop and purchasing, and works in the mech at weekends. A young, responsible and very nice coach.

  • Working as a mountainbike coach since 2022 at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Trail cycling and Cross Country, fast as a weasel.
  • Flying forward on a Trek Supercaliber 9.8


Olov Christiansen

Olov’s passion in life is mountainbiking. Olov lives next door, in Älta, and makes sure he’s out there doing his workouts every spare minute. A nice and humble guy who has his feet on the ground. Olov has quickly set the technique and together with Magnus and Christian is our fastest on the trails.

  • Working as a Mountainbike Coach since 2023 at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Trail cycling and cross country, likes to compete.
  • Riding a white painted Trek Supercaliber 9.8


Johan Strandberg

Johan is a multi-sportsman and cross-country skier. His favorite sport is trail cycling in Hellas and like Kristian is a very experienced mountainbiker. Johan started early with the new fad of mountainbiking when it came to Sweden in the 90s. Being a northerner, he prefers cycling to chatting, and this gives results both on his own and his students’ bicycle legs. Fast, strong and wise!

  • Johan started as a coach around 2017 at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Johan does trail cycling without knee pads and with tight-fitting tights, as it should be.
  • He rides a Trek Supercaliber 9.9.


Jonas Paulsson

Jonas started mountainbiking relatively late in life, but thanks to his background as a mountaineer, Jonas quickly found the right track. Besides being an exceptionally nice and skilled mountain bike coach, Jonas helps Mountainbikeskolan with photography for web and print.

  • Jonas joined Mountainbikeskolan as a coach in 2023.
  • Likes trail cycling, downhill cycling and bike parks.
  • Riding a Trek Top Fuel 8 and a weighted trail bike.


Ola Gustavsson

Ola cycles every weekend in Hellas and knows almost every trail in the forest. With his pleasant approach, Ola has become highly appreciated as a mountainbike coach. It’s especially nice to see how his students have found joy and cohesion around mountainbiking. Ola is a keen downhill cycling himself and, with his wife Katarina, is one of the most familiar faces at Kafé Källtorp even before he put on his instructor’s helmet.

  • Coach since 2023, basic courses and the parent group on Wednesday classes.
  • Likes to cycle on trails but is most interested in downhill cycling.
  • Riding a Trek Slash.


Katarina Gustavsson

Katarina has a background as a paraglider and paragliding instructor. Katarina has also been involved in mountain climbing. An extreme athlete at heart, she actually started cycling Enduro straight away and skipped the trail cycling. A nice smile and great experience in teaching children makes Katarina perfect as a coach for the little ones in the Wednesday classes.

  • Coach of the children’s courses since 2023.
  • Doesn’t shy away from the toughest downhill runs.
  • Riding a Trek Fuel Ex 9.8 gen. 6.


Simon Buckard

He has been cycling in the forest since he was super small. Simon drives like a god down the most hair-raising enduro passages. Strength and agility thanks to his climbing have made him a natural on his enduro bike. Instructor for children, young people and adults. Just returned from military service and now just want to ride a bike!

  • Coach on children and youth courses since 2020.
  • Busts all the descents and passages in Hellas.
  • Riding a Trek Slash 9.7.


Kacper Zarzeczny

Kacper is fairly new to mountainbiking, but what a talent! Kacper trained as a Youth Coach Step 2 at Mountainbikeskolan 2022. He has since made great strides and is already confident in his role as a guide and mountainbike coach, one of the children’s favorites at this summer’s children and youth camp.

  • Newly qualified coach, youth Step 2, at Mountainbikeskolan.
  • Kacper is a tireless trail cyclist, super physique and mentality.
  • Cycling on Roscoe 7 and Fuel Ex 8.


Olof Hagwall

Olof grew up with Mountainbikeskolan and took his first own mountainbike lesson when he was 7 years old with us. He has since attended our courses and is now himself an assistant instructor in the children and youth courses. Olof is great on his bike, both in jumps and on the trails.

  • Child and youth leader since 2022.
  • Likes cycling in all forms, both bike park, jump, trail and downhill.
  • Riding a Trek Fuel Ex 8.



Like Kacper, Tuva is a newly qualified mountainbike coach, having just completed the Realgymnasiet guide training course. Tuva has an invigorating manner that makes children cluster around her in our children’s courses. Tuva also trains hard outside the forest, playing football four times a week, right forward with a great shot.

  • Start as a coach in 2023, children’s courses, Wednesday classes and camps.
  • Trail cycling is what Tuva does most.
  • Likes to ride Trek Top Fuel 8 and Roscoe.


Jenny & Daniel Buckard

Daniel came up with the idea of starting Mountainbikeskolan around 2012. He loved then, as he does now, technical cycling in Hellas. He also competed extensively in the “Långloppskuppen”. Before taking up mountainbiking, Daniel ran the production company Redfilm and worked in film for many years. Basically, Daniel is a trained opera singer, having studied in Milan, Vienna and the Stockholm Opera Academy.

Jenny is a trained garden designer and gardener at Capellagården and Dacapo, a craft school in Mariestad. After her studies, Jenny has designed and developed many gardens through her former employer, Vagn Ekeroths trädgårdsutveckling.

Jenny’s interest in mountainbiking was sparked when she lived in Åre in 2000 and tried Downhill for the first time. At the time, she worked at Kretsloppshuset in Mörsil with plants, animals and café activities, which has many similarities with Kafé Källtorp and Mountainbikeskolan.

Jenny and Daniel are joint owners of the company Stockholms Mountainbikeskola AB.

Warmly welcome to visit us, hope to see you soon!