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Good food with exciting activities

Our place is located by Lake Källtorp on the edge of Erstavik and Nacka Nature Reserve. From us, you start out on a mountain bike or on foot in one of Stockholm’s finest trail and natural areas. The path literally borders our enclosure and in a few minutes you are on an adventure, completely disconnected from the noise and stress of the city.


Book your event with us, a guaranteed success! Wonderful food and an awsome or peaceful experience in the forest. Have dinner in our beautiful conservatory, enjoy our greenery in the enclosure. We will customize the programme to your needs, just e-mail or call us!


Riding a mountain bike for a few hours in the forest is a great experience for most people. You have the nature experience, the community, the adventure and then this amazing bike, which takes you everywhere with ease.

Anyone who can cycle can take part in our guided tours, we make sure to choose trails that suit the group you are in. Usually, we roll out in several groups, one for those who are completely new to mountain biking and one group that has tested mountain biking before and want to ride with gusto, be challenged and feel alive.

The “Hellas” area is known in the cykling world for its great mountain biking. The nature is completely unique, forest with lovely rocky outcrops and sparse pine forest that provides a very special cycling experience.

We recommend you to let us guide you on the tour. Even if you cycle a lot in the area, relax and we’ll take your group on a fantastic tour. We’re happy to provide technical tips if desired, in addition to the introduction that we always start with so that everyone in the group gets the basics.

For those who come with a skilled group who have biked a lot, we book our most experienced guides and you’ll get a ride that you will not forget in the first place!

There are, of course, as many arrangements as we have bikes, but many choose an afternoon and evening event. We roll out on an exciting mountain bike adventure for a couple of hours and then finish with “After bike” and a lovely dinner in the conservatory.

If you wish, we can meet for cycling before or after lunch. It works just as well. Sometimes the day is based on a conference and cycling is the final activity.

We are happy to accommodate a group of up to 40 people, then everyone can cycle together and sit indoors to eat. If you are a smaller group, that’s fine as well, but eight people is a minimum to book the conservatory for dinner.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing instead of cycling, mountainbiking may not be for you after all. No problem, a forest bath is a very soothing, sensual experience. Forest bathing, means what it sounds like, you are bathing in the forest. You take in all the sounds, all the smells, you become aware of yourself and your surroundings and you relax.

Our colleague Helena will take you into the magic forest and lead you into a new world filled with small and big discoveries. You walk calmly into the mossy soft forest. Surrounded by the forest, you will awaken your senses and connect with all of nature’s inhabitants.

Forest bathing, or ShinrinYoku, is a Japanese tradition that has saved many stressed-out businessmen in Japan from total exhaustion. This peaceful form of contact with nature boosts the body and mind and increases creativity. Helena Johard, one of our guides, is a certified nature and forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.


We follow the seasons and offer a delicious buffet based on vegetables, meat and fish, or completely vegetarian. Lovely smells, beautiful platters and colors. We try to do justice to the environment and place great emphasis on aesthetic appeal.

We dare to say that the food we serve is of a very high standard, it is simple and natural, no strange additives.

We offer drinks with or without alcohol. Local beers from Nacka Brewery or organic natural wine from more southern latitudes.

You are very welcome to have your event with us, please contact us by email or phone. See you! Jenny & Daniel


Fast-paced activities and cozy dinners

A unique location just fifteen minutes from the center of Stockholm. Mountainbiking in one of the world’s finest trail and nature areas. Food made from scratch, seasoned with the garden’s own vegetables and herbs. You are more than welcome to take part in our concept of cycling, gardening and food.

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15 min from Stockholm

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Ältavägen 105, Nacka

Bus 401 runs from Slussen several times an hour. Bus stop: Källtorp, about 15 minutes from Slussen.

Drive towards Älta, at Sickla follow road 260. You pass Hellasgården on your left, go a few hundred meters more, pass the allotments. Turn left into the Mountain Bike School and Kafé Källtorp.