Mountain bike technique – Level Blue

Develop your technique and have more fun!

This is the first step in our technology course tree. The course mixes technique training on open ground and practical application to all the challenges we face on the trails in the forest.


The mountain bike technique course is great for all mountain bikers, whether you want to ride on the trail or on the road!

  • Price: 1 595 kr incl. lunch, smaller breakfasts and coffee breaks.
  • Dates: April 28, May 11, June 2.
  • Time: 10.00 – 15.00 hours
  • One-day course: bring your own bike and helmet or rent from us.

We would like you to have completed our “Basic Mountain Bike Course” so that you have some prior knowledge such as performing a front wheel lift, knowing the positions on the bike and having good braking techniques.

  • Move the front and rear wheels over rocks/roots/knolls.
  • Roll down from drops and edges up to 50 cm.
  • We go through how to get up a slope/edge.
  • Finding your balance on the bike when stationary (trackstand)
  • We enjoy cornering with cones in the terrain
  • For adults of all ages or for young people accompanied by an adult.
  • Division into smaller groups according to previous experience.
  • We recommend you to use knee pads, available in our shop on site or to rent when booking.
  • Rent a mountain bike during the course, this year’s model and in top condition. You can choose between a mountain bike with front suspension only or one with both front and rear suspension, a little more comfortable and safer.
  • Location of the course: Meeting point is Mountainbikeskolan / Källtorp, Ältavägen 105 in Nacka. We have a certain number of parking spaces that are free for course participants. Bus 401 stops just outside the farm.
  • Schedule: Your course runs between 10:00 and 15:00. If you arrive a little earlier, about 20 minutes, there is breakfast, coffee and sandwiches, and you have time to arrange your rental bike.

    The course starts at 10.00 with assembly and review of the day’s schedule and we then cycle off for technique training. Back for lunch at 12.15 when we eat vegetarian and locally produced food from Kafé Källtorp. At 13.00, we’ll cycle out into the woods and apply our new skills in different places in the deep forests of Hellas! We are back at the mountain bike school at 15.00 to summarize the day over a coffee.
  • Make new cycling friends: During the course you will get to know other students. We arrange for everyone who wants to sign up to a ‘buddy list’. There are usually groups on Facebook or WhatsApp so that you can stay in touch with your group and meet up for mountain biking even after the course.
  • What to bring to the course: Bike helmet (included if you rent a bike from us). T-shirt, sweater or windbreaker, short or long trousers. Gym, street or walking shoes. Water bottle for bike, alt. backpack with a water bottle. Gloves can be useful.

    We have everything we need to fix punctures and other potential problems on your bike during the course.

    Other: Use the type of pedals you are used to using. We also recommend that you bring a sports drink and 2-4 bars/energy gels to get you through the day in terms of energy.

    Dropper post, it is very good if you have a dropper post on your bike, if you have an older bike it may be better to rent. All reasonably modern bikes can be ridden well.
  • 10% in the shop for course participants: The mountain bike school has a shop with cycling equipment such as helmets, arm and knee protectors, gloves, tubes, tires, pumps, etc. You as a course participant have a 10% discount on everything in the shop during the course day. The mountain bike school is a Trek dealer and has a wide range of rental bikes of all Trek mountain bike models.

    The Mountain Bike School started in 2014 and has been running mountain biking courses ever since. The Mountain Bike School has a garden café and a farm with its own crops, berries, fruit, vegetables and herbs. The Mountain Bike School organizes cycling events and dinners for companies and groups who enjoy good food and great cycling.



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If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us:

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